Get the Good Stuff with Cox Communications

You don’t need to pay through your nose for great connectivity. If your connection quits on you, you need to switch to Cox Communications for great service. Offering excellent speeds for their ever-growing customers and with so many plans to choose from, pick a package that suits your household. You’ll get the right stuff when you get Cox!

Go with the Winner

Get the right stuff when you get internet, TV and phone services with Cox. Cox Internet is ideal for gamers and streaming videos and movies. Connect all your TVs, laptops, PCs, tablets and phones, to the internet at the same time. Enjoy upload speeds with reduced load time for an internet experience you and your family will enjoy. Pick a package that suits your household. Get right to the good stuff with excellent connectivity and HD TV entertainment. With more ways to watch whatever you want Cox TV has them all. Plus, enjoy local channels at no extra cost. Cox Phone offers you unlimited local calls within the continental United States and long distance calls to Canada at very low calling rates. Get peace of mind with a reliable home phone service offering you all calling features you can’t do without.

Extremely Fast Internet at Affordable Prices

If you’re a user whose need for speed is immense Cox Internet offers packages with a wide range of options to choose from. Not only will you find fast internet speeds their packages are ideal and fast enough for all your online needs. You won’t have to wait for websites and pages to load or buffer. With download speeds of up to 300 Mbps, Cox Internet is perfect for gamers, streaming videos and all your laptops, tablets, TVs and smartphones connected to the internet all at once. You get better upload speeds with reduced load time for a much more enjoyable internet experience for you and your family. Cox can handle all your broadband needs like online shopping, banking or downloading music and photos. Plus, you get PowerBoost, which gives your internet that extra boost when transferring large files. Don’t want to pay for a faster package? Cox also has a lower speed option with speeds up to 10 Mbps for those who do not need much power for their internet usage. Find a package that meets your specific needs at prices affordable for most budgets. Get the good stuff with Cox Communications.

A New TV Experience with All the Channels You Want

With over 250 channels Cox TV offers you more ways to watch whatever you want at your own leisure. Choose a plan that suits you when you sign up with Cox. TV is more amazing in high definition with great entertainment and excellent connectivity you probably won’t get anywhere else. Cox TV has all the local channels and popular ones like HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ and EPIX for your family. Other service providers may charge you extra for local programming but with Cox you get them for free in all their packages. Enjoy hours of TV watching pleasure all over your house - without the need for any extra equipment. And you get 24/7 technical support whether online or by phone right in your neighborhood. Plans starts at a very affordable price per month, plus, they come with Cox’s one-time service installation.

Talk All You Want

Enjoy peace of mind with Cox’s reliable connection and service. Save money every day on your phone service. Make unlimited local calls within the U.S. and long distance calls to Canada at unbelievably low calling rates. And that’s just the start. When you get Cox Phone you get better service and pay less for it. Cox’s phone plans offer you savings and flexibility in service options plus all the popular calling features you need to keep in touch. Get Premier, Cox’s best telephone plan at the best price with all of your favorite calling features like Call Waiting, Caller ID and Voicemail. Moreover, you get Phone Tools to access it all online including your voice messages. Get the service you want, get Cox phone for a price that won’t break the bank.

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