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Regenstrief National Center for Medical Device Informatics

A collaborative approach to patient safety

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  • 279 Hospitals
  • 23 US States
  • 120 million data records

Membership in the REMEDI Central Community allows us to develop realistic and obtainable goals that truly impact patient safety at our facility and help improve our nursing staff's working conditions through the reduction of unnecessary alarms. - Andy Aldred, PharmD, MBA Cameron Memorial Community Hospital


Explore the repository for concentrations and soft/hard maximums/minimums for infused drugs.

184,642Entries1,755Unique Drug Names


Check your infusion compliance rates and benchmark against others.

121,547,534Total Infusions83%Average Compliance


Investigate alert data from “smart pump” technology on infusion pumps.


REMEDI Overview

The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE), an interdisciplinary research center, focused on improving healthcare delivery, located at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, developed an evidence-based community of practice for medical device informatics to promote and improve patient safety named the Regenstrief National Center for Medical Device Informatics (REMEDI).

REMEDI Central is the "go-to" site for medical device data, benchmarking, analysis, and research results for multiple medical devices, hundreds of hospitals, several medical device vendors, and a number of associations and organizations focused on improving healthcare delivery. Clinicians, primarily pharmacists and nurses, use REMEDI Central's analytics and reporting capabilities, and the knowledge of the collaborative to support hospital operations and improve patient safety.

DLL Tool

Drug Limit Library Comparison Tool

REMEDI Central's newest feature is a drug limit library database and analysis function. Clinicians can generate reports to look at detailed drug library information by selecting the drug, the hospital(s) to compare, and the profile area. The report shows hard/soft limits, durations, concentrations, and more. Lists of standard drug names and profiles are used to make comparisons across hospitals.


Evidence-based Aspects

REMEDI Central collects data that has been captured and stored on medical devices such as smart infusion pumps. It enables users to conduct complex analyses via a point- and-click interface. These analyses can be conducted on both specific hospitals and groups of hospitals to enable comparative examinations and benchmarking.

Community Aspects

A fundamental tenet of REMEDI Central operations is that it is driven by community members. Through regular meetings, representatives of the member hospitals share their knowledge in a collaborative environ- ment, fostering knowledge development to advance medication administration practice and improve patient safety.

Membership in REMEDI Central includes hospitals of many types (e.g., critical access hospitals, university teaching/research hospitals, safety net hospitals, etc.). A complete list of member hospitals and healthcare systems can be found on the RCHE website.


Currently, community members do not pay a fee for access to REMEDI Central. Members are responsible for their costs of participation as a community member. This has involved travel expenses to meetings and time for virtual interaction via a web interface. RCHE believes that these expenses are more than offset by access to REMEDI Central's robust, user-friendly analytics.

For more information about REMEDI or to schedule a demonstration of the system, please contact: