IPI User Reference Manual (Revision 1)

By Rich Zink


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This document provides instructions on how to access the system, gives example sequences to get comfortable with using the tool, and introduces administrative functions.

New to Revision 1
* Added section on Uploading Drug Limit Libraries
* Added section on Viewing Drug Limit Libraries
* Added section on Compliance Charts
* Added section for Clickable Charts
* Added section on Chart Features
* Added section mapping crtical questions to chart
* Added step-by-step examples for generating reports including use of Clickable charts
- Analysis Chart examples; 1) Alerts by Drug or Fluid Drill-down, 2) Alerts by Month Drill-down, 3) Basic and Advanced
- Investigative Reports; Good Catch Drill-down
- Pivot Charts; Continuous Dose Drill-down
- Compliance Charts; Compare Compliance Percentages
* Added detailed information on each report (location, critical question, clickable or not, and sample report)
* Updated images