MIE 561: Health Care Systems - University of Toronto - Michael Carter (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - MIE)

By Michael Carter

University of Toronto

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The purpose of this course (MIE 561) is to give students an opportunity to integrate the engineering tools learned in previous courses by applying them to real world problems. While the specific focus of the case studies used to illustrate the application of engineering will be the Canadian health care system, the approach to problem solving adopted in this course will be applicable to any setting.

This course will:

1) Provide a framework for identifying and resolving problems in a complex, unstructured decision-making environment.
2) Give students the opportunity to apply a problem identification framework through real world case studies.
3) Provide insight into the appropriate uses (and abuses) of engineering techniques in a practical setting.
4) Prepare students to become productive, practising engineers.
5) Make students aware of the implications of context on the practice of engineering.

After completing MIE 561, students will be able to:

1)Identify, describe and apply an appropriate model for analyzing unstructured problems in a complex decision making environment.
2)Define, describe, analyse and criticize methods for resolving complex problems in a practical situation.
3)Describe appropriate (and inappropriate) applications of engineering techniques.
4)Effectively communicate an understanding of a complex problem and a method of resolution, in writing, at a level consistent with current business practice.
5)Briefly describe Canada's health care system and the impact of its structure on decision making.


Viviane Moreira

University of Toronto