IE 385: Intro to Health Systems Engineering - Northwestern University - Sanjay Mehrotra (Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences)

By Sanjay Mehrotra

Northwestern University

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Global healthcare problems are complex and require a multi-leveled multi-pronged approach inclusive of a diverse set of stakeholders. There is an increased recognition that a systems view is necessary to address these issues. This course introduces a systems engineering approach, incorporating tools and techniques from industrial engineering, statistics, operations research, and management sciences embedded in information technology, to address healthcare problems. The course is based on a blend of case studies, mini-projects, and exams. This course is designed for the undergraduates with prior training in basic industrial engineering, probability and statistics and optimization concepts at the level of introductory courses. It is designed primarily for the undergraduate students in engineering.

While the techniques you will learn in this course are immediately applicable to Healthcare Systems, the fundamental concepts are relevant for efficiency improvements in any complex organization.

Week 1 Introduction to Health Systems

Lecture Notes
OZ: Ch 1


Systems within Systems
US and Global Health Systems
Evidence based medicine
Health Operations Management
Role of Health Providers and Patients

Week 2 Facility Optimization

Lecture Notes

Process Improvement
Process Mapping
Process Analysis
Process Reengineering
Waste Reduction and Lean Enterprise

Week 3

OZ: Ch 4

Facility Layout Planning
Service Provider Flows
Patient Flows

Week 4 Guest Lecture

OZ: Ch 2

Seasonal moving average mdoels
Leading Indicators of demand
Markov Models

Week 5

Lecture Notes

Multivariate Regression
Logistic Regression

Week 6 Data Collection, Presentation, and Input Analysis

Lecture Notes

Design and conduction of Surveys
Quality Tools
Statistical analysis of sampled data

Week 7 Project Presentations – Midterm Reports

Week 8 Staffing, Scheduling and Capacity Management

OZ: Ch 7
OZ: Ch 8

Hospital Staffing
Patient No-shows
Hospital Workforce and Facility Scheduling

Week 9

OZ: Ch 5

Facility Location Planning
General Care and Emergency Services

Week 10 Project Presentations


Viviane Moreira

University of Toronto