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  1. ISEN 650 Healthcare Delivery Systems Modeling and Analysis

    27 Aug 2014

    Course DescriptionExamine challenges of modeling and analysis of healthcare systems. Analyze components of healthcare system, and examine the need for application of OR and IE tools to model and analyze healthcare systems. Apply deterministic and stochastic approaches to model and analyze...

  2. ISEN 450 Healthcare System Engineering

    27 Aug 2014

    Course DescriptionExplores components of healthcare system, existing problems in healthcare systems; need for engineering to analyze healthcare system problems; application of industrial engineering tools in improving healthcare system; role of industrial engineering in addressing healthcare...


    26 Aug 2014

    Students are introduced to the fundamentals of systems engineering tools and approaches through hands on problem solving exercises. Systems Engineering tools/methods are applied to a clinical problem. Upon completion of this course, the participants will have had exposure to system engineering...

  4. INEN885 - OR Applications in Health Care Delivery

    08 Jul 2013

    This course covers several Operations Research applications in health care. The applications• Linear/integer programming applications in health care, including medical resource allocation, staff scheduling, and radiation treatments• Queuing models for capacity planning and management in...

  5. INEN885 - IE Applications in Health Care Delivery

    08 Jul 2013 | Course Archives

    This course introduces several topics in health care delivery. The topics include• Health care quality and quality control• Patient safety• Human factor in health care system design• Health care information systems• Supply-chain management and health care delivery•...

  6. NUR 59900: Human Factors in Healthcare Engineering

    01 Jul 2013 | Course Archives

    Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts and methodologies of human factors and have chances to apply obtained knowledge to a clinical problem. After finishing this course, the students will be able to communicate with people who have human factors background, identify human factors...

  7. IEE 498/598 - OR in Hospitals - Arizona State University - Teresa Wu (School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Sciences Engineering)

    21 Jun 2013 | Course Archives

    RATIONALE OF THE COURSE:Health care expenditures in the US constitute 16 % of GDP. This high amount of share places the US into the second position (after East Timor) in the ranking of the United Nations member nations with respect to the percentage of total income in the nation spent on health...

  8. MIE 1616: Research Topics in Healthcare Engineering - University of Toronto - Michael Carter - (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - MIE)

    12 Jun 2013 | Course Archives

    Purpose:The purpose of this course (MIE 1616) is to provide an overview of current OR research in healthcare and to develop the insight required in order to do relevant and significant research in this field. The course attempts to provide an overview to some of the major research topics in the...

  9. MIE 561: Health Care Systems - University of Toronto - Michael Carter (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - MIE)

    12 Jun 2013 | Course Archives

    Purpose:The purpose of this course (MIE 561) is to give students an opportunity to integrate the engineering tools learned in previous courses by applying them to real world problems. While the specific focus of the case studies used to illustrate the application of engineering will be the...