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Infusion Pump Informatics (IPI) is a web-based analysis and reporting system for continuous quality improvement (CQI) log data that is captured and stored by IV infusion pumps. IPI is a user-friendly, interactive way for hospitals to access, investigate and share data through a web browser. The system can be used to visualize, analyze, explore and report on usage, trends, programming practices, interventions, and cross-hospital comparisons for pump-generated alerts and clinical staff resolutions – allowing hospital analysis groups to more easily develop actionable information for the improvement of patient safety across hospital communities. The goal of the IPI system is to further hospital-specific and community-shared objectives regarding patient safety questions.

What are the key features of IPI?

  • Data in the comparative database is shared by participating hospitals and contains current and historical data, with some hospitals contributing more than 5 years of pump logs.
  • The system provides secure, authorized access for registered hospital users only. Qualified users are added by authorized hospital contacts.
  • The web-based interface offers user-friendly graphing and reporting across any time range and across all hospitals. Users choose from more than a dozen chart types and identify options for investigation, such as profiles, drugs, alert types, and resolution types.
  • Upload services allow participating hospitals to continuously bring new CQI log data into the comparative database. Incoming CQI files are processed and indexed so that the complex log data is optimally stored for rapid response to investigative requests across these very large data sets.
  • The graphing and reporting capabilities are driven by the user community and focus on methods for analyzing alerts that have been identified by hospital pharmacists and medication specialists.

The multiple hospital visualization, reporting and comparison options, together with search, browse, sort, filter and download capabilities, make IPI the most powerful way for hospitals to analyze infusion pump data.

Membership and Access

This application and its communities are restricted to hospitals who have agreed with the terms and conditions for sharing and examining data. For more information about the program, contact Ken Musselman , at Purdue's Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering.

Research group

The following research group is available by invitation only.

Infusion Pump Informatics Community


Authorized users can start the application from the following location.
Infusion Pump Informatics

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